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Funeral/Memorial Or Wake Slideshows

When a loved one passes away there is no easy way to express your feelings, a DVD slideshow can help do that for you and your family.You can share your special memories with your family and friends and celebrate the life of your loved with a beautiful and moving slideshow. Your guests will feel part of the occasion not merely visitors. A slideshow can be played at the funeral, memorial, at the wake, or distributed to family and friends as a keepsake. All work done with respect and love. Slideshows can bring a smile to the mourners and lighten their greif.

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We can customize your slide show to your requirements to reflect your loved one's personality or you can leave it all up to us, it's your choice.

Your slideshow will become a treasured keepsake when take your old photos and digital stills and combine them with tasteful transitions and music to create a special tribute to your loved one. All photos will be colour corrected and touched up to remove scratches and marks to present them at their best for the slideshow. We have recently had to prepare our own dvd slideshow for a beloved family member so we know how you feel and you can be assured that we will treat your slideshow with the love and respect it deserves.

We usually use simple, elegant transitions for funeral shows as most people prefer it that way, but of course if you would like the flashier transitions we can do that for you.You may want to match your loved one's personality with the slideshow.

We know that a slideshow for a funeral is needed as quickly as possible and we well get the job done in plenty of time for the funeral. We supply two copies of the DVD just incase at no extra charge, on the day with everything happening, one gets misplaced. We suggest that you give one copy to the funeral director the day before the funeral as a back up.

We can also enlarge and frame a photo for you to put near the casket, if you require it,
a framed photo adds a personal touch to the occasion.

“What do I need to do so that you can make my slideshow?”

Please consider your photos carfully and try to include as many family members and friends as possible to give a complete overview of your loved ones life and to prevent dissapointing people when their photo is not included. Supply us with the photos and your music preferences, let us know if you require them in a special order and we will do the rest, including scanning of photos, preparing the presentation.Please use a Post It to add any text you would like. Write it in speech marks:“Nan and the Grandkids”. Most slideshows are designed to run for approximately 3-8 Minutes ,the time it takes to play one or two pieces of music. However, longer slide shows or more than one show in the service is not uncommon. Consult with your funeral director on the length of the slideshow and we can adjust it to suit your requirements, 25 -30 photos per piece of music it the rule of thumb.You really don't want to do much more that that after all the service is the most important part of the day. See our How To section for more help with preparation of your slideshow.


You may say“I have a friend who can do a slideshow for me, he/she is great with power point presentations and a wiz on the computer.” That may correct but please remember that friend or family member will be affected by the event and unless everything is done perfectly you may find that when it comes time to for the slideshow to play at the service You may have problems. The Powerpoint presentation my not be compatable with the on the equipment at the venue, things such as music not playing or photos are missing or worse yet it won't play at all, it can easily happen and it is devistating for the greiving family. You might be lucky it might work perfectly but isn't it too important to run the risk? Please remember there is only one shot at the funeral ceremony and it has to be done right.

Prices for a customised slideshow.

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