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Retouching starts from as little as $10, but the price depends on the amount of retouching to be done.

From $10.00

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EnhancementsEnhancements start from $10 for minor adjustments. Each enhancement is prices individually as each photo has it' s own particular problems.

From $10.00

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Digital Hand Colouring

Hand ColouringDigital hand colouring is time consuming. Before we colour a photo we do all normal adjustments such as contrast and tone balancing and fix most flaws in the photo. The pricing depends up the number of colours and the complexity of the colouring required.

Multi Colouring starts from $45.00

Selective Colouring from $40.00

Replacing Colour of an Object/Clothing from $40.00

Sepia or Duo Tone Colouring from $30.00

Black and White Conversion from $20.00 (from Colour to Black and White)

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CollagesPrices are determined by the number of photos involved.
Collages - From $65.00 including up to 25 photos.

Please contact us for a quote.

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Add Person or Object

Add PersonTo add a person or an object to a photo convincingly can be complicated and can become expensive depending on the complexity of the photo.

From $25.00.

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Remove Person or Object

Remove PersonRemoval of a person or and object requires rebuilding sections of a photo to compensate for the removal of a subject. This can either simple or complex depending on the photo.

From $30.00

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