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Scannning and Reprinting

Epson Scanner

Just bring us your photos, negatives or slides and we'll scan and print them on high quality photo paper, We can scan up to A3 size photos. We use our high end 10 colour printer for photos up to A3+ size larger prints are done by our print partner, who can print as large as you like.

We can reprint all photo work done by
Photo Renovate, so extra copies are
never problem.

Scannning for Restoration, Slideshows or other work to be done.

  1. Check your photos for dirt, lint, or smudges. Gently remove surface dust and dirt with a soft brush or lint-free cloth, don't rub or you could do more damage. If the photo is fragile don't do anything just scan it, we'll take care of the dust and dirt.
  2. Make sure the glass of your scanner is clean and dry before placing your photo on it. Most scanners will have guides to show where to place your photo.
  3. Try to handle your photos by the edges only so that you don’t leave fingerprints or body oils on the photo or negative.
  4. You should have software that came with your scanner it will often help you get a good scan, if possible use it.
  5. Your software should have settings, the important ones are resolution or DPI. Change the scanning resolution (D.P.I) to at least ”300“ dpi for an image the same size as the original or smaller. For restoration a 600dpi or greater is much better for us to work with. The larger DPI or Resolution allows us to enlarge your photo if required and gives us more to work with.
  6. If possible resize the scanning area to fit the size of the photograph. Your software usually has a bounding box that you can adjust to scan only the photo and not the whole scan surface. This will reduce the file size and make it easier for you to send your scan to us. If you have a problem using the bounding box then ignore it and we'll fix it for you.
  7. Scan the photo at its original size (100%).
  8. Please always scan your images in colour even if the original is black and white. As colour gives us more details to work with even in a black and white photo.
  9. Save your photo as a TIF (Tagged Image Format), when the best quality is required. JPG (JPEG) file format is ok as well but Tiff is better.
  10. Remember if the scanning of your photo is too difficult or your don't have a scanner, we can scan it for you.

If you scan at a higher Dpi and want to send the file to us you may run into problems with the file being too large for your email to handle, we have the solution. You can upload your large file to us via our free large file upload service. Upload your Large File

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